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About us.

Codeherent is a technology company based in South Wales with a mission to enable companies to develop ideas into business outcomes. Codeherent’s solutions enable companies to build and deploy applications faster, cheaper and with substantially less risk.

What makes us stand out is we specialise in building software solutions that target the biggest bottlenecks in software development today. Using Devops principles as our foundation, our platform creates a working environment where you can have both enhanced software delivery processes and fully managed infrastructure resources.

Codeherent’s platform can also help you develop by increasing collaboration and communication between your IT and development teams. Helping you to achieve a working environment where building, testing and releasing software can happen faster and more reliably.


Codeherent’s mission is simple: To enable companies to develop their ideas into business outcomes. Codeherent aims to become a leader in designing software solutions which help companies to develop applications faster and cheaper by increasing collaboration between IT teams and efficiently managing resources.


A digital platform that enables customers to plan, develop, secure and manage applications and enterprise environments across distributed, cloud, mobile and mainframe platforms.

With software applications driving every facet of business, the need to quickly develop high quality code that provides immediate return on investment is driving the need for better test environment management.

The sentiment in boardrooms is that every business is in the software business, and all companies must become adept at developing applications or perish. Codeherent believe the fastest businesses to convert ideas into robust, well tested business outcomes will own the future.


of CIO’s and Senior Technology Professionals are experiencing major challenges with Visibility of Utilisation and upcoming demand for Test Environments
of Executive Management say Quality of Software or Product is a key objective in their IT Strategy
of entire IT budgets are spent on QA & Testing. QA & Testing as a % of IT budgets is set to rise to 32% by 2020
Today’s organisations waste millions in Software Delivery. Organisations can cut software spending by 30% and 28% of all IT development in enterprise fails
increase in wasted cloud resource because management and billing issues are growing and forecast to reach $17billion by 2020

Meet the Team.

Jordan Alexander
Jordan AlexanderManaging Director
Matthew White
Matthew WhiteHead of Operations
Aled Davies
Aled DaviesHead of Engineering
Joe Bloxsome
Joe BloxsomeHead of Product
Paul Sheehan
Paul SheehanHead of Business Development
Matthew Lappin-Scott
Matthew Lappin-ScottTechnical Lead
Aaron Bryant
Aaron BryantTechnical Lead / Cardiff University NSA Student

Give testing the environment to succeed.