Codeherent enables teams to collaborate on infrastructure as code projects to build scalable, replicable and disposable infrastructure.


Infrastructure as Code.

Infrastructure as code provides the means to provision infrastructure in a replicable manner by allowing developers to define infrastructure as human and machine readable code. This ensures that provisioned infrastructure is not only always configured as expected, but is highly scalable, replicable and disposable.

Self Service

Users can select configurations from the self service library and build infrastructure with the click of a button, even without any knowledge about the underlying infrastructure as code. Codeherent also provides an extensive standard library of configurations, allowing users to bootstrap common environments such as a web server.

Centralised State

Teams can collaborate effectively on infrastructure as code projects through Codeherent without having to worry about any of the issues that arise around managing state. Codeherent manages state in a central location and ensures that state files are locked whilst a new configuration is being applied, eliminating problems which arise when multiple developers attempt to apply updates simultaneously. Infrastructure can easily be isolated into separate namespaces, thus isolating the state files for the given infrastructure.

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