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Codeherent Platform.

Codeherent targets the sources of overspending and failure in the development landscape.

Codeherent Platform is an intelligent DevOps platform which allows technologists the freedom to innovate, whilst providing management with a high level of control. The platform enables a frictionless software delivery process, it’s core modules currently include a Test Environment Management module and a Cloud Infrastructure management module.

Codeherent supports automation of manual processes and enables continuous delivery with complete governance and control for the organisation.

Test Environment Management Module.

Our Test Environment Management module is a management tool that controls, coordinates and schedules test environments to ensure test resources are optimised, higher quality of software achieved and the risk of incorrectly configured environments are eliminated.

Environments are expensive to run and an organisations may only need 60% of the environments they are currently paying for.

Test Environment Control

  • Take back control of complex pre-production environments
  • Coordinate Complex Test environments
  • Software defined Test Environments
  • Provision and destroy environments to meet real time demand
  • Coordinate usage of permanent testing infrastructure.
  • Monitor utilisation, reclaim underutilised resources.
  • Understand costs.
  • Build custom workflows and create software defined test environments

Cloud Management Module.

Our cloud management module is targeted at bringing your cloud services under control by providing a single portal that allows you to create, start, stop and set timers against all your hosted environments ensuring that you are only paying for active environments. The product is currently supporting AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Our cloud management enables organisations to provide direct developer access to a pool of cloud resources.

Management can set budgets for projects, teams or individuals, and developers can access resources as they please, as long as they remain within their budget. Management can see detailed metrics and have a clear audit trail of who is using what.

Multi-Cloud Portal

  • Give technologists the freedom to innovate
  • Allow users to self provision cloud resource.
  • Bring all your cloud resources under one roof
  • Automatically stop idle resources to control costs
  • Easy control of instances across multiple clouds
Codeherent Platform increases availability, visibility and access of the test environment. Reducing time to market, increasing developer productivity and Reducing infrastructure costs whilst eliminating misconfiguration.
Benefits to Platform and Management Modules

Give testing the environment to succeed.