Codeherent can help you to build software defined test environments that scale to meet demand.


Test Environment Management.

On average, 26% of an entire IT budget is spent on QA & Testing and that figure is set to rise to 32% by 2020. Furthermore, 47% of CIO's and senior technology professionals are experiencing major challenges with visibility of utilisation and upcoming demand for test environments.

Codeherent's test environment management module tackles these problems by enabling organisations to migrate from permanent and limited snowflake environments, towards a highly scalable software defined testing infrastructure where enviromments are replicable and disposable.

Test environments on demand

At the core of the Codeherent platform is the idea that developers should be granted the freedom to access infrastructure on demand and not jump through hoops or wait for currently utilised infrastructure to become available. In the context of complex test environments this is achieved by leveraging infrastructure as code to build environments which are both replicable and disposable. Developers are then able to request that a test enviromment be built for them when they need it though Codeherents self service interface.

Custom workflows and automated test runs

The process of requesting a test environment is highly customisable and can be configured using Codeherent's custom workflow feature. Organisations that want to provide a degree of developer freedom but retain some level of control can build approval stages into the workflow.

Workflows can also be entirely automated. You might configure a workflow to build an environment using a Terraform configuration before chaining actions to perform automated tests (these kind of workflows can also be baked into continuous delivery pipelines and allow you to perform performance and integration tests against an environment identical to production without standing the environment up for a second longer than it's needed).

What about permanent testing infrastructure?

We recognise that whilst the ideal goal for many organisations is to work towards complete software defined testing infrastructure, for some that's an impossible dream for the forseeable future. That's why we've also built in support for permanent test environments. In these instances a workflow can be configured in the same way as with software defined environments but it just excludes any build and destroy stages. Developers are still able to request access to a permanent environment through Codeherent's interface (and could trigger an automated test run).

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